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FAQ for Inproso Corp. – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remap and why do I need one?

In its most basic terms, a remap is a recalibration of a vehicle’s Engine Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The purpose of a remap is to provide more power to your engine. The reasons why you may need a remap vary. For some, increased power and engine output is the appeal for remapping. Others may be interested in increasing their fuel economy. Still others may want to increase the power of their engine for load-lugging and towing purposes. Once you get a remap your vehicle will move more quickly and flat spots in the rev range will be eliminated.


Wasn’t my vehicle “remapped” by the manufacturer?

Manufacturer’s build engines designed to run on fuel for every market a vehicle is sold in. This means that foreign vehicles such as Mercedes and Volkswagens, are designed to consume different grades of gasoline. Additionally, manufacturers have to build engines that work well in various climates. The engine must have the same output regardless of the outdoor temperature. Manufacturers do their part by catering to a variety of markets via standard map settings.


How safe is it?

When done properly and by skilled experts, remapping is 100% safe. However, remapping does place slightly more demand on your turbo and clutch. Despite this, your engine will run well and won’t experience any damage. We can, of course, push your vehicle harder if you so prefer.


Will it be covered by a warranty?

Yes. We offer a warranty on all of our services, so you can be confident you and your vehicle are safe in our hands.


Does remapping affect my insurance?

The short answer is, yes. Clearly, this won’t be the case for every individual, but some insurers do in fact increase their premiums based on remapping. If you’re concerned with whether your insurance provider will increase your premium, be sure to contact them prior to using our services.


Why should I choose Inproso Tuning for my remapping?

At Inproso, we have professionally tuned vehicles for over a decade. We use advanced technology and the latest and greatest methods for tuning your vehicle. When you use our services, you can confidently use your vehicle to its full capacity.

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