Computer controlled trucks require unique software to accurately tune them. With so many different applications falling under the ‘truck’ genre, no one tuning strategy fits all applications.

One thing they have in common is the fact that an engine’s power output is directly proportional to the amount of air and fuel that it can consume. By burning fuel efficiently, truck applications can maximize their power.

Truck tuning helps engines burn fuel in an effective manner.

How it Works

Truck tuning is generally tailored to drivers who want to see greater performance from their engine. With the right calibrations, truck tuning can result in a 10 to 20 horsepower gain and vastly improve the overall handling of the vehicle.

Thanks to the modernization of tuning software, more truck applications than ever are making the leap towards greater performance. Instead of wasting fuel and handling poorly, one simple tune up of the engine’s central nervous system can strengthen performance and ramp up its ability on the road.

At Inproso Tuning, we use a powerful combination of software and experience to deliver exceptional tuning services for truck applications. We realize that trucks are your livelihood, and without proper tuning they can cause you to lose money. We don’t want that. We use the ultimate in tuning technology to guarantee your truck performs at its peak from the moment it leaves our care.

We customize each tuning session to fit the vehicle in need. By working with the engine, we are able to figure out where it could use the most support. Enhancing its ability to deliver ‘orders’ to the fuel combustion center results in a more effective truck.

What to Expect

Truck tuning is a whole new ballgame in the 21st century. The newer model your truck is, the more complex the tuning process may be. Thankfully, technology has simplified the process and made tuning a much more efficient procedure. When you have your truck application tuned by us you can expect vastly improved performance in a timely manner.

Consider tuning your truck if it’s been running slowly, lost fuel economy, or is generally underperforming.